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With Docker you can easily push Kibana as an App to manage your ElasticSearch instance.

Kibana in Cloud Foundry with Docker

This describes how to deploy your Kibana instance as a Docker container in Cloud Foundry.

Create the manifest.yml

As the official Docker image does not support Cloud Foundry environment variables, you have to manually set them in the expected format (see These variables get parsed at startup and written to kibana.yml in the Docker container.

You can get the credentials for your ElasticSearch service instance via service-key:

cf create-service-key myelasticsearch mykey

cf service-key myelasticsearch mykey

Replace name, route, Kibana version, credentials in our example manifest.yml:

  - name: mykibana
    memory: 2G
    disk_quota: 2G
    instances: 1
      - route:
      ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME: {kibana_system_username}
      ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD: {kibana_system_password}

Use ELASTICSEARCH_URL for version 6.x of Kibana.

Push the Docker container as usual with cf push and access it via using the full-access-user.

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