Billing Accounts

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Billing Accounts store all your payment information. This consists of your invoice address, your contact details and your payment information (e.g. a credit card).

You can have as many billing accounts as you want to separate different billing concerns. Each org you create has to be attached to a billing account which will then pay for all the resources that are used by apps and services within spaces of that org. In the orgs sidebar on the right, you can see a list of all the orgs which are attached to the respective billing account.

Number of orgs per billing account. There is a default limitation of 3 orgs per billing account. On request, we will increase the limit to a higher value. Please mention the customer number of your billing account and the requested number of orgs you wish to be able to create in your request using our contact form.

Transfer of orgs is not possible. An org cannot be transferred from one billing account to another.

Billing accounts cannot be deleted. However, they can be cancelled. To cancel a billing account, open the settings sidebar on the right and click the “Cancel” button. A request to cancel said billing account will be made. As soon as the cancellation is processed, all the apps and services that are living in a space which belongs to an org of said billing account will be deleted.

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