Service Backup and Restore

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In the Cloud Foundry web console, you can manually trigger and restore backups of your services.

Create Backup

To create a backup, navigate to the service instance in the web console and then to the “Backups” tab. There you can click the “Create” button to trigger a manual backup.

Note: Backups can be triggered manually from the web console or via `cf curl -X POST /custom/service_instances/`cf service myservice –guid`/backups`.

Be aware that you can only keep a set number of backups per service instance. The actual number depends on the service type and service plan. After reaching the maximum Backups don’t get automatically rotated, you need to delete old backups before you can create additional ones.

It may take some time to backup your service, depending on the size of your service instance.

Restore Backup

You can restore backups at any time. The current state of your database will be overwritten and replaced with the state saved to the backup. You are advised to create a backup of the current database before restoring a backup.


  • You can only perform one backup or restore action per service instance at a time. If an action is still ongoing, you cannot trigger another one.
  • You cannot exceed the maximum number of backups per service instance.
  • A backup is kept for 30 days, after which it is deleted.
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