Add a Manifest File

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It’s tedious to keep having to specify the app name and other variables each time we push our app. That’s where a manifest.yml file comes in handy. It holds all the configuration for our app so that Cloud Foundry will know what to do with it. Create a manifest.yml file in the root folder of your app and add the following content (don’t forget to replace the “my-random-hostname” with your creative hostname again):

- name: my-nodejs-app
  memory: 128MB

  host: my-random-hostname

  - my-mongodb

    NODE_ENV: production

The file tells Cloud Foundry that this is an application with the name my-nodejs-app and the specifications made above. This means that from now on, you’ll be able to push your App with the simple command:

$ cf push

You can define many more variables in a manifest file. To find more information about application manifests, go to the About Apps part of this documentation.

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